Shebeshxt Threatens To Kill Richy B, Days After Assaulting Skhothane Sa Pitori

If there is one thing many people don’t like about Shebeshxt, it’s his gangster personality and lack of anger management. The performing artists has been in one trouble after the other ever since he made his burst into the South African music mainstream and this looks not to end any moment from now.

Over the weekend, Shebeshxt was reported to have slapped Skhothane Sa Pitori, the road manager of Skomota during a performance at Propaganda, Pretoria and now he has threatened to kill Richy B the owner of B-Hive Podcast. Shebeshxt said if Richy B doesn’t stop talking about him on his podcast, his kids will grow up without a father.

Threat to life is a crime in South Africa and should Richy B press on with charges, this might get Shebeshxt back to prison. Meanwhile, Skhothane Sa Pitori, the person that was earlier slapped in Pretoria has opened an assault case against Shebeshxt.

Shebeshxt is expected to respond to some police queries in the coming days and if Richy B launches his own legal case on the artists, he would be in double trouble. Well, troubles has been what fuels Shebeshxt.