DOWNLOAD VA – Xpressed Voyage, Vol. 1

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DOWNLOAD VA Xpressed Voyage, Vol. 1 MP3 ALBUM ZIP

VA Xpressed Voyage, Vol. 1. Xpressed Voyage, Vol. 1 is a new Afro House, Deep House music compilation with tracks from, Tahir Jones, Chronical Deep, Aimo, EyeRonik, T-Drum, E-Jay and Over12, Saint Evo, Witty Manyuha and DH Akuma. Check out the new mp3 music track.


  1. Chronical Deep & Tahir Jones – Love Therapy (Original Mix)
  2. DH Akumah – Rhythm With Blues (Original Mix)
  3. Witty Manyuha – Ya Va 0921 (Main Mix)
  4. Saint Evo – Olaibon (Original Mix)
  5. E-Jay & Over12 – Lofilead (Original Mix)
  6. Effective – The Offering (Original Mix)
  7. Aimo – Rush Hour (Original Mix)
  8. Dal sanno – Hail The Kings (Original Mix)
  9. EyeRonik – Red To Green (Original Mix)
  10. T-Drum – Frequencies (Dave Temp’s Est 96 Main Mix)

Download & listen below

MP3 DOWNLOAD VA – Xpressed Voyage, Vol. 1 ALBUM