Dave Chappelle Points He Isn’t Mad At Kanye West

Dave Chappelle Points He Isn't Mad At Kanye West

Dave Chappelle respects Kanye’s judgment.

While the Internet is filled with informal calls to “cancel” Kanye West in light of his most recent visit to the White House to sit down and talk with President Donald Trump, Dave Chappelle isn’t so quick to jump on the bandwagon just yet. It was while speaking in a currently unreleased interview with CNN’s Van Jones that Dave spoke on Kanye’s publicized embrace of Donald Trump, sporting the MAGA hat almost everywhere these days.

He couldn’t stray away from the laughs for too long as he acted as though he was getting up to walk away when Jones first ushered in the topic. “First of all, you know, Kanye’s the artist, man,” Chappelle would first note, going on to refer to him as a “genius.”

“I think that the angle he’s seeing things from is about the division that he sees. And he’s not inconsistent with what he’s saying,” he continued, drawing reference to time ago when Kanye “reclaimed” the Confederate flag during the Yeezus era, re-purposing it for creative ventures in merchandise.

He adds, “I’m not mad at Kanye. That’s my brother—I love him, I support him. But, you know, I don’t have to agree with everything that he says. I just trust him as a person of intent. But yeah, he shouldn’t say all that shit.”